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Monitor your servers and online services in less than 3 minutes, with no software installation.

  • Monitor your servers
  • Know if your site goes down with configurable alerts
  • Get customizable reports of access times from different points on the globe.

Currently we monitor 303 servers. 366.250 tests completed today.

Why monitor your servers?


How long has your server been down without you knowing? What are your server's response times at different times of the day and to users in different countries?

Servers' performance and malfunctioning are a important cause of lost clients and and revenues. For example, in most of the cases, there is a strong correlation between response times and the number of transactions completed in the website.

Services summary

  • xtBox, a complete XT agent inside a black box server, ready to be plugged into your network.
  • xtVirtuaBox, xtBox as a virtual machine, ready to be deployed to your servers.
  • xtSec, security hole detection and suggestion of related patches to apply.
  • xtNav, complete user transaction emulation.
  • xtShot, screenshots from different browsers.
  • xtLinks, site analaysis from the home page looking for broken links.
Features »
  • Periodic monitoring of your servers and their service from different parts of the world
  • Alerts and graphic reports with the evolution of the main figures
  • Check your server's response to different protocols: http, https, pop3, smtp, ftp, etc

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